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just do..

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 19, 2011, 3:27 PM
I just feel like writing what is in my head .. so I hope it does not get too much so some might read and tell me the best ;P You can also go ahead whishing me the best without reading. I guess it's still quite the same.

Tomorrow I will go to our local art university and talk with a small group about my work to get feedback on it. This would be the assistance of the "communitcation-design"-class which I feel like I could like. On Friday I will go to the same thing but with the "graphic design" class.

I'm a bit nervous because I remember how - with 17 years and a great lack of selfesteem - I reacted after being rejected. I literally dropped art, started to study what I study now (which was not a bad choice but does not feel very close to .. me). And also at the end of last summer I went to a talk with the class for art teacher after (which I now really don't want to do) being very motivated by the teacher for figure drawing-class and was "blasted" away by the exhousted teacher who mainly said how stupid I am to think that 20 works mean 20 works (obviously, how could I!!!) and that for what I brought with me it's mainly all rubbish (to say: cheesy) but for one photo where she did not get the direction first which actually made me giggle.. ;) To me it seemd like she went for A2 drawings of mostly abstract things and street art and compared to that - of course a4 drawings are not the same.

With my study I have no time to actually do all the works I would really love to do. My heart bleeds when I stay with small ACEO-Cards because I prefer working "in one blow" and cannot stay up late night all the time just for that because I already have to stay up all night for what I'm doing. I so much do look forward to my Bachelor! I like to finish things and to start new ones. I often feel tired and "slow" so changes push me.

So this is the first point .. I cannot show off what I do want to. I now managed to gather some works, but some of them are really old and do not quite represent me now .. . So I will do some sketches for tomorrow to at least see if what I have in mind is what they like to see.. .

I just do hope that it is not going to be the "fuck off bitch" method again. I'm afraid that this might push me back to a very desolate state I've actually been before questioning if I "will ever make it" and "realizing" that I'm far away from whatever I would like to be in that moment. It's actually most of the time the same with me so I try to stop worrying my head sick and it works most of the time.. . It's like I write exams and right away apply for "doing it again" and when I get my grate I realize that I did a perfect job and do not have to do it again at all. It is not so much the fact of being wrong, but the mere fact that I keep having "bad vibrations" far too long.

The next problem is the ever existing pressure I feel - I do not know if this is acutally what I want. How should I, if I never had the chance to try. I like working for clients and I notice that my work is quite decent to what other people do (at least .. sometimes) that have not been educated or did not do something almost completely different next to it as "full-time-job" but I also feel that I'm not knowing enough (and therefore am not as good as I could be) and think that education or educating myself would make a big deal. On the other side .. I used to really know that from all graphic-related jobs I do not want to do advertisements. Which now changed .. a little. So I just will see. But then I also have and had the very deep interest in psychology and therapy-methods such as art-therapy for disabled or mentally ill people and since very little I wanted to do something that changes the world for a better place (if at least at a small grade) and not make things worse .. which explains why I would not be absolutely fond of doing advertisement (and similar except its for a good purpose - then I would love to do it .. but we all know that those "good things" are rare) .. .

I'm very excited for what will happen this year because I really hope that I will head into a new direction and maybe find what I'm looking for and not what other people are looking for me. But mainly I'm afraid that I will not. So this is the worry-head I want to get rid of because to me it's more this problem then the problem of not making it ..

Sorry for writing so much.. o.O

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Now this is crazy!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 2, 2010, 11:51 PM
:wow: I'm really really astonished by the huge positive react to my recent work and DD (which still blows my mind off ^^) "creating my own world". I would never have guessed it could really happen.

I try to look back at least at most of the people who commented my work because thats what deviantART actually is for me (or what I would want it to be ..) - a place where people talk to each other, mainly about art, but also about other things.

Now I need to go.
Whish you a nice weekend!

Some of my newer favorites:
:thumb187623870: Decay by Mariusart reiketsu nariseba by ototoi 2010 'Zebra' - pencil on paper by sameoldkid City sunset by ukapala Walking the Edge by jonniedee

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thank you :)

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 28, 2010, 6:14 AM
Hi :)

I just wanted to say thank you to all who have commented and faved my recent work "creating my own world"! This means a lot to me and I'm very happy that so many people seem to enjoy it!

Also I got kind of fed up with my skin and changed for another one .. ^^ I like this new and simple one. It's from janvanlysebettens

Hope you had and still have a nice weekend. I've been working a lot today (and still have to) :( But yesterday was fantastic.

Some pretty awesome work ...
Infinity by Draakh Cage by yuumei Tales Of Avalon Tribute by claudiocerri :thumb187282675: :thumb185044972: :thumb185290419: eat up by bailey--elizabeth


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Random Artist Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 24, 2010, 6:13 AM
I thought this could be nice.
Personally I :heart: their work!

Beautiful Changeling by AbaddonArt The Delicate Moth by AbaddonArt :thumb183043563:

blue by PabloMoranJr I've got a lot to say by PabloMoranJr :thumb183253461:

September 6, 1993 -Diptych by Retro-Grade1

Mature Content

Amazing Grace by Retro-Grade1
Here by Retro-Grade1

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Feature: sweav

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 17, 2010, 8:43 AM
Hello :)

Today I want to introduce you to sweav's powerfull drawings. He works with pencil and paper - new works with some spray as well. I love the perfection of his drawings. I love the shadow and I love the female nudes he draws. They are curvy, sexy and somewhat lustful.
Take a look at my favorite works from his gallery .. .


Mature Content

Seated Angel by sweav

Mature Content

Winged Victory by sweav

Mature Content

Fertilize by sweav

Mature Content

Tangle by sweav

Mature Content

Encephalopoditis by sweav

Mature Content

click. by sweav

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sell prints ? - help

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 14, 2010, 10:06 AM
Hello :)

I feel totally lost in services where I could sell my artwork. Also I'm not sure whether even a single soul would like to buy my work. But at least I want to give it a try ^^

Does anyone of you know a good place next to dA ? ;)
I would highly appreciate any help because when it comes to those things I feel lost like whohooo :faint:

Today I'll feature Creature-Monster

Gedanken frei by Creature-Monster zYliN.dER mAaN II by Creature-Monster Fuss by Creature-Monster


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move on

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 6, 2010, 3:52 PM
Hey :)

I want to thank Juhulefu and JonathanMH for their support. It means a lot to me to at least feel "noticed". Stupid thing, but well.

Lies by JonathanMH :thumb132582429:

Modescribbel by Juhulefu Edward Scissorhands by Juhulefu ACEO 089 Red Ribbon by Juhulefu

Today I've been shooting with a friend of mine. I love the results so much. It was really difficult but yeah. We got it - i think.
I've already uploaded one image of the session, but I'm not sure yet, which I will upload. So if you're interested in the whole series:

Tomorrow I will be off to Germany for a week. I'm so happy because I will be able to hug my friend a lot :blush:
And I will try to focus on real life more then on the Internet. So see you soon :floating:


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be back + feature

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 3, 2010, 5:28 AM
Hi :)

As you might have noticed I've been submitting some photography from my holiday.
I hope you like it.

I did not have time to thank/look back to everyone commenting and faving my work. This is why I will do a feature
It takes a lot of time to inform everyone of being featured. So I'm not going to do it this time. Simply enjoy the work you see and be happy if you see your own :floating:
Please respect that I can not feature all people :(

another miss-understood world by Ameliethe :thumb129466659: :thumb140960727: .:.Purple Drops.:. by Ailedda Starway to heaven. by leeri :thumb129212434: :thumb144985104: :thumb143549594: :thumb141719267: deadlock_m by Darkzero-sdz mr. pipe by tayfunes Dragon by Ladyofmusic Hunger by T-Thomas Muth 011 by rabiesJNKE Show the way - question-"Just be your own, and let your heart show you the way"
- But what if it´s broken? And feel nothing?
Don't Breath by DrunkenHobbit :thumb132465079: P A P E R M A N by The-Blound Confrontation by pedroluispalencia :thumb146938921: :thumb147021829: beauty of black and white by sumitupadhyay Flares - 09 by Maeja :thumb140556284: :thumb54548954: nature's power by Geekeee + only contain by bebefromtheblock Sunset off Bridge by Bottleopener Blick_in_die_Freiheit by Stratege and if I dared to go out there by SpinningStarshine Yellow Silence by enterfunnyusername Thinking by js-sj :thumb147058479: Dead Water by Prodigy401 Mist 28 by Nivienne

Clubs & Groups
:icondigital-art-club: :icondarkartists: :icondarkclub: :iconmanipulators: :iconphoto-chain:
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Hello :)

Sorry for the delay. I've been busy and there have not been many submissions to this feature ... :( I still hope, that you like it!!

Here you can take a look at the other features:
black:… - white:… - blue:… - green:… - red:…

Purple embodies the balance of red's stimulation and blue's calm. This dichotomy can cause unrest or uneasiness unless the undertone is clearly defined, at which point the purple takes on the characteristics of its undertone. With a sense of mystic and royal qualities, purple is a color often well liked by very creative or eccentric types and is the favorite color of adolescent girls.…

:rose: Photography
The Purple Sunbird by Startle3iv Blythe Doll - Tea for Two by orangebolster
One Day by dee-nied
love is in my veins by WOLFJPG Love story. by Natsza Wayside Finds 064 by Frank-Beer
:thumb100251328: :thumb123202168: purple sun by NightWishGirl11 Dance of the Shadows by C0rdita
The Colour Purple by Lady-Tori If I Sing You A Song by Hanafae Lilac Autumn Greetings by Sartassa22 Nature piece VI by StainM :thumb132722753: :thumb124708292: Bloom by Holly6669666 butterfly II by Geekeee Little Creatures 047 by Frank-Beer Purple Flower by Diablocoj

:rose: Digital Art & Photomanipolution
:thumb131461773: Fly like in a dream by Mongey Hopeless Tree by Life-For-Sale Seven Deadly Sins - Pride by 01demai Small Wonder by lunarsparks Purple eye. :D by goldfishlover RRRMEOW by sickdelusion

:rose: Traditional Art
Are you out there? by EternalCresen shade by cammykillerbee Boat in Water by nadda1984

:rose: Some Purple
Air Mage by TrollGirl Nothing lasts forever. by DarknessangelX Survivor by d0llparts :thumb53790502:
Hi :)

This is another feature from my colour-series.
Take a look at the others here: BLACK - WHITE - BLUE - GREEN

Red has more personal associations than any other color. Recognized as a stimulant, red is inherently exciting and the amount of red is directly related to the level of energy perceived. Red draws attention and a keen use of red as an accent can immediately focus attention on a particular element.…

:rose: Photography
:thumb110506008: Palais de Tokyo by pericoc Don't.... by Simply-Autumn Lady and Sleeping Child by ruthsantcortis Sunset by aiyoshi :thumb112450794: Lolita Trash 2-4 by fairieswatchoverme Chansons d'Automne II by yokopoko HitmanIsBack by AddeG Hocico - Amphi 2009 by ParadoxeStille Reflections by mudwrestler

Wayside Finds 046 by Frank-Beer Red by MadRed :thumb131582846: :thumb125082084: Collecting Sunrays by Sartassa22 :thumb127515769: Cherry on the Pie by Geekeee Rose 2 by orangebolster Life blood by 3PenProblem Ablaze by Catherine-Elenore :thumb122584256: Red Kalanchoe II by Hanafae :thumb131417436: :thumb128028860:

:thumb97828115: :thumb131590930: Red. by Kaddieee Cake by StainM Curtain by RubyRoom Infernal Landscape by kkeman Ode to Summer by silverdragon :thumb128876462: circolo rosso by chaaaLaLoco Moulin Rouge - No trespassing by Alabastra :thumb119754913: Despair by SteelAtlas Comfort for Two by L1feSux

:rose: Digital Art
Hannya inside 3 -edit- by dfmurcia come mop with me by onegreyelephant Rhapsodie in Rot by inmc Zero Shinryuken by suzuran sashamya: Arielle by momijigirl :thumb121715010: :thumb126753429: Pulp fiction by h0meboy Amanda Fuckin Palmer by Daphne8

Mature Content

Fata Morgana: Fixed-ish by Lord-Retsudo
Let the Angels Fall by Unhudion

Ryhope Woods by hewsan :thumb124953996: :thumb90830590: Heart Shaped Box by Holly6669666 Summer by zeldis

:rose: Traditional Art
:thumb104482049: Blood Red Bat by The-Blackwolf Living Dead Girl by Rosary0fSighs :thumb112076226: Mizuru by EternalCresen bruise by charlesduncan Summer by zeldis strawberry light by maskofmemories

:rose: Other
UM Album 21 Cover by MagnusLabel

:rose: Stock
Argentum 16 by SariennStock :thumb130691568:

:rose: Some red
Alice in Wonderland V by rafaelmesa on fire by brethdesign :thumb131757929:

:wow: This feature got soooo huge O.O

Next one is going to be PURPLE :heart:
Note me or wait for the forum-thread

This is my fourth feature in the colour-series. I hope you'll enjoy.

Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye than most colors, and is second only to blue as a favorite color. Green is the pervasive color in the natural world, making it an ideal backdrop in interior design because we are so used to seeing it everywhere.

The natural greens, from forest to lime, are seen as tranquil and refreshing, with a natural balance of cool and warm (blue and yellow) undertones. Green is considered the color of peace and ecology.

However, there is an "institutional" side to green, associated with illness and government-issued green cards, that conjures up negative emotions, as do the "slimy" or "bilious" greens.…

:rose: Photography
- People
:thumb130896681: :thumb121491144: :thumb99194436: :thumb113462248: Diary Of Dreams V by ParadoxeStille :thumb130629176: Envy I by Jaelysa

- Nature
into the forest II by Geekeee :thumb91345325: Dreamland by SarahJPhotography Green and Red by L1feSux Dream place by niwaj Tea Plantation by orangebolster :thumb108551229: The Green Path by KanteForce Summer tree by morningwolf Inside the emerald by 3PenProblem Morning Tea by t2100ex9

Hello Kitty by Marinshe Lost In Colors by MarcoHeisler :thumb108569269: Gorgeous Greens by EternalCresen Camouflage by B-Hart Flowers by nishagandhi drops on leaf by Easydreams .Fairy tales. by FrosinaIlievska :thumb78662991: :thumb110246669: :thumb128992479: Inside You by CasheeFoo Distant by Dipschmidt Gonna Fly Soon by weirdklown blue hellacopter by k-a-d-a-t-h 044 by Aschkelon

- Other
Bittersweet Lazyness by D-v-S Path of Indifference by SonikGroove green door in Steamtown by CapnDeek373

:rose: Digital

The Silent Sentinel by TexManson :thumb130987908: Violinist in the Forest by Holly6669666 :thumb122351906: Tranquillity by jerry8448 :thumb98567533: lost inPARIS by koneko10 Triumph of Individuality by inObrAS Genus by Spinewinder

:rose: Traditional

Cherry Blossoms by The-Blackwolf Puerto Rican Amazon by The-Blackwolf :thumb131396580: :thumb129496113: FemmePlanchette by The-Kreep

:rose: Stocks
(some are from my own stock account)
:thumb130690636: :thumb124960676: :thumb124959878: Premade stock 9 by CindysArt-Stock Woodland Beauty 7 by rachellcoe Woodland Beauty 6 by rachellcoe draper III by Voivodess-Stock Barbarian 21 by SariennStock Envy by steamed-pepsi-stock

:rose: Outstanding suggestions for art containing green ...

Winner by suzanastojanovic :thumb130860219:

Next feature is going to be red !
I'll open the forum-topic right after publishing this feature in order to link it into the comments!

Hi everyone :)

"Blue is the overwhelming "favorite color." Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable, and committed.

The color of ocean and sky, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives. As the collective color of the spirit, it invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming. However, not all blues are serene and sedate.

Electric or brilliant blues become dynamic and dramatic -- an engaging color that expresses exhilaration. Some shades or the overuse of blue may come across as cold or uncaring.

Indigo, a deeper blue, symbolizes a mystical borderland of wisdom, self-mastery, and spiritual realization. While blue is the color of communication with others, indigo turns the blue inward to increase personal thought, profound insights, and instant understandings.

Blue is the least "gender specific" color, having equal appeal to both men and women.

This is the third feature of my colour series. BLUE. It was really difficult to decide which drawings/paintings/photography to take into the feature and which not as SO many people replied and noted me.
Within photography I tried to keep variation high as - of course - I got a lot of skies and water-photography. I hope, that you like this one :)
white feature - black feature

:rose: Photography
People & Portraits
The way you crack a smile by xblackxbloodxcellx School with a smile by ruthsantcortis say_what by buuba Witch II by rafaelmesa Saxophone Lover by xJukeboxHeroinex fear by Algree :thumb129339870:
:thumb121048799: Silent ocean by Penzone Blue Horizon by DPasschier :thumb130056705: The Great Beyond by KingStephenArthur Blue Sky by Royal-Princess Brockenblick by inmc Blue Day Comes by ammapola Lake Panorama by NightWolf227
Fish Splash by aiyoshi Summer Aurora by mrluuu Whale Shark by Shatoyarn-MoonGoddes Azure Dreams by Kaddieee little blue flowers by luviar
Dark side of China by EonBlueFeanor space station by Aparazita-R Collage of Crosses 2 by Gothicmama a closer look. by intricate-illusion Under Fortuna's Skirt by Katzilla13 splash II by Laura1995 The Church by galipwolkan

:rose: Digital Drawings/Paintings
Chilly by Cropcircledesigner waiting for repair by LUN2004 it's all up to you by cepums Space Odyssey by Wings-on-Water Refreshing different by montalv0 the Cloud Dancer - Color by JoaoRodrigoBaptista X - Shinkuu Hadouken by suzuran :thumb126173639: snow queen by kika1983 Still Life - TimeLess Moment by DarkLimitArts Silent Space Serpent by Kamikaye Prize: Eloise by Firefly-Raye Shy by diegoidef Kraken's Wrath by Uo1 untitled 8 by wingsofic :thumb104826435: Railway to Heaven by Vk-Queen Space Ranger by linkfreak131

:rose: Drawings/Paintings
Halls of the Ocean King by TrollGirl Elise by simone4390 Sunset at Es Grau by omenofthedeep 'She became... by Aura3107 Meow - Catwoman by FrancyM :thumb123979285:

:rose: Not that blue (beautiful anyway :))
Sea World 2109 by mitengu Lofoten 3 by cred1t body_building by buuba :thumb105934458: feeling blue by Cristina92 the juggler by MiLExiS :thumb129451814: BLUE BALL by TentaiKansoku Mikayla V. 3.0 by KarlaCr0me Take my life in your hands by Ssabina Downtown by ThisIsMyKoolioName

I really hope that you like this feature and that it did not get too large. Please +:heart: support it ^^ (if you want).

Next one is going to be: green. You can note me about suggestions or wait for the forum-topic to be out ... ^^

Hello people :)

You might remember my last feature not very long ago, concerning "black"/dark images.…
This is a feature concerning images from photography to traditional media with "white" as main focus.
It was difficult to find fitting images, but I think I did well and hope that you like my feature.

behind the veil IV by Syllie black and white by lashout My Soul's Strength by MPhilipPhotography Choking On Milk by P0RG nurse? by tonigtisourlastdance :thumb114653854:
Ephemeral white by made-in-utopia :thumb125098203: bunny whiskers by Easydreams :thumb64274326: :thumb113331082:
In your shadow by MaxiiLS Floating by Z740 Black Rose by Arcius-Azrael Snow Day 1 by tony566 :thumb111677689: NJ Museum of Art I by KanteForce :thumb87208062: Under the snow. by SIIINS

SUZIE Q by chew-i :thumb128609468: elephant by dizzyskulz One of the Delawares Emerged by HeroesforSale harakiri by vectta

Jaqueline by onlymistress Girl with the Hat by smile4thelie Pheonix Tattoo Design by PatrickBrown Ninja brothers by forgotten-wings :thumb126513010:

My next feature is going to be "blue". If you know lovely photography/drawing that would fit - simply contact me (note).

Hi :)

Finally I do the promised feature. Sorry for the delay.
I really hope that you like this one.
Next is on the way ;)

Phantasia by philominaphotos :thumb75629581: into the future by rattattart :thumb122001188: A Splash of Colour by Yanareb The World Is A Cycle II by xdeborahx A Summer Kiss by MPhilipPhotography

Mature Content

Q by george-mihes
negative by DianaNohelova Faded Light by sezratron ..touch.. by phobosik :thumb97999687: :thumb57610280: Psalm 23 by MPhilipPhotography
Doberman by mv79
:thumb125873386: :thumb108529988: Golden world by mv79 :thumb123563636: :thumb112692277: Empty Faces by xdeborahx 3d Illustration studio v2 by Dragonda :thumb74273477:

:thumb99427762: 16 by Daphne8
Loneliness +Bridge to Nowhere+ by CWbridd The Ratcatcher cover by CWbridd
elfen lied by kika1983 Lynx by The-Blackwolf D by SecretMoon My Brain by Spiritofdarkness Paranoia by jiiinxx
corner of safety by Piotr18Wch

If you like this feature - please :+fav: it.

See you,
Hey people :aww:

So this is my first real feature and my first news-entry as well. I really hope you enjoy it.

:iconcuckoo-koo-koo: cuckoo-koo-koo
Special collages
Pyrrhula pyrrhula by cuckoo-koo-koo

Mature Content

.milkyway by cuckoo-koo-koo
b i r d y by cuckoo-koo-koo

:iconthe-kreep: The-Kreep
I like her colorful gallery =)
Pestilence and Roses by The-Kreep L'eau Toxique by The-Kreep Pinks Love Purples by The-Kreep

:iconjldragonfly: JLDragonfly
Very special paintings an drawings.
Black Pearls by JLDragonfly Goddess Nut by JLDragonfly Trauma by JLDragonfly

:iconmelanie60: melanie60
Her gallery is full of really beautiful paintings.
More California Burning by melanie60 The Four Horses by melanie60 The Fourth Watch by melanie60

:iconpetehamilton: PeteHamilton
Very unique surreal paintings ... .
Lost and Found : detail by PeteHamilton

Mature Content

My name was Sarah 08 by PeteHamilton
bleeding heart by PeteHamilton

:iconaziraal: Aziraal
I like his photos and crafting a lot.
:thumb123200850: :thumb101713220: :thumb121924386:

:iconigorkawecki: IgorKawecki
His photography is very amazing. I really like the landscapes, format and high contrast.
Lake VIII by IgorKawecki Forest I by IgorKawecki Street I, Croatia by IgorKawecki

So ... that's it =)
Best wishes,